Safe Space – Why / What the Hell?

With the help of the right people that I’ll forever be immensely grateful for, the first event of Safe Space happened on 24th June 2018. Despite having no expectation at all of how it would go, It ended up being the most life-changing event that I’d ever attended (ok maybe it is not credible coming from me but yeah). The connection among us was instant, people could relate to each other’s stories and sharings. When I started tearing up, a few did too. It was beyond magical, to be able to experience this form of comfort and intimacy together with so many wonderful souls who had a story to tell.



I want to recreate that online – a virtual Safe Space where I aim to deliver this form of comfort and intimacy to my readers through a screen. 


“Where Healing Takes Place” – I chose a tagline as such because I want to provide a platform where people can improve, heal physically and emotionally, and be more mindful of the things around us.

Through Safe Space, I wish to shine a light and build more awareness on Healing. Healing itself comes in so many forms because we all have different  experiences and we all heal differently – whether if it is from an autoimmune disease, a trauma, a heartbreak or even day-to-day struggles that people go through.

I also hope to bring together people from all sorts of background through this platform, to realize how powerful it is to connect with each other through struggles and vulnerability. It will be a space where walls are broken down for purposeful conversations and meaningful interactions to happen.


I really hope that I am able to offer a form of hope and consolation to my readers through all that I am about to share for the days to come.

With that being said, I will be launching this blog of mine with a series of sharing called Journey to Healing (#JTH). It will consist of 10 posts highlighting everything that I learnt from struggling with psoriasis for the past 11 years, specifically the ways to manage it holistically.


DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that if you follow this 100% you will cure yourself of psoriasis or eczema. This is just my own personal sharing of my journey hoping that I am able to help people make more informed decisions and possibly avoid mistakes as well (eliminate those unnecessary sufferings y’know lol). And also to really narrow down what are the important things to watch out for when dealing with an autoimmune disease. To be very honest, I wish that I had the privilege to come across information as such when I was younger so I wouldn’t need to make so many mistakes along the way. Nevertheless it is also a journey that I am grateful for because I have learnt so so much, about our body, mental health, body image, self-care, self-love, depression, anxiety and etc. I do have loads to share so do stay tuned 🙂

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